How to Cook…..just about anything.

Cooking….true for some it is a daunting task, something they have to do to basically stay alive. But there is so much more to it.

One of the most essential characteristics that should always be applied to cooking is – confidence!!!! Be confident, even though your dish might not be a success, be confident that you can make it!!! The Afrikaans saying ‘Aanhouers wen’ (perseveres win) is what you should apply to cooking. If at first you don’t succeed, try again and try again after that.  Alas, there are certainly individuals that should not make food for consumption, but even those individuals keep on going.

Thus, as I said before, confidence is essential to cooking. And furthermore another essential is recipes, there are millions and millions of recipes for just about any dish in the world. Get your read on and explore the endless possibilities that recipes can and will give to you. As a chef, and even before that, I have had a love to read and try new recipes, sure there are the old faithful that I will always go back to, but reading a new recipe and the excitement of trying it out is truly fulfilling and very satisfactory. I have and still do, tried many new recipes, and have and probably still will not be successful, but I try again and try new ways.

But, if success does evade you, go to a place that you know has a passionate chef and have them make your old favourites. For a chef, there is nothing more satisfying than feeding people, and even more so if they enjoy your food. We chefs are feeders and we will and want to feed you to your heart’s content.

Ciao for now

Chef Blanche

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